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Oil tanks are susceptible to serious damage if they are not cleaned on a regular basis!

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Why Keep Your Oil Tank Clean

Oil tanks often contain a certain level of water that accumulates at the bottom of the tank from condensation. Because oil floats on water, the water remains trapped between the floor of the tank and the oil, promoting the growth of microbes and the creation of a sticky residue. The water can also lead to corrosion, which can eat through the wall of the tank and result in a leak.

An oil tank should be cleaned when evidence of sludge accumulation appears. This evidence can range from delayed burner ignition to a clogged nozzle or oil line. Regular tank cleaning can:

  • Improve burner efficiency
  • Lower heating costs
  • Lower emissions
  • Remove harmful contaminants that cause premature tank failure
  • Reduce the risk of corrosion

Water and rust at the bottom of a tank can mix with oil and create a sludge that causes clogs


Tank Pumping and Cleaning Long Island Suffolk County  Nassau County
Tank Pumping and Cleaning Long Island Suffolk County  Nassau County

Our Areas of Expertise

An improperly installed or poorly maintained oil tank can start to leak unexpectedly. Left undetected, the situation can develop into a costly cleanup. This can be avoided with regular tank cleaning.

As a homeowner, it is your legal and financial responsibility to clean up contaminated soil. This can cost in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We recommend you take care of your oil tank before it’s too late. Tank cleaning also lets you assess the integrity of your tank from the inside out.

Be proactive in the protection and maintenance of your home by regularly cleaning your fuel tank


We also specialize in:

Confined space entry.

Tank removals.

Tank abandonment.

Contaminated soil removal.

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