Container Closure Instructions

Hazardous Material Packaging Closure


  • TAKE HEED– Hazardous Waste Generators must conform to all applicable requirements of the specification regarding closure of hazardous waste packaging and all hazardous waste packaging must be closed in accordance with closure instructions as provided by the manufacturer's notification documentation (49 CFR § 173.24).  It is the Generator’s responsibility to ensure proper closure of hazardous waste packaging.

  • As a transferor of drums, Action Hazmat Trucking is required to provide closure information to all downstream recipients of hazardous material packaging (49 CFR § 178.2).

  • Below are closure instructions for Action provided hazardous waste packaging.  If there are any questions regarding these instructions or how to locate the M number of your drum, do not hesitate to contact Action for guidance.  

  • If you need a torque wrench or bung bit to conform to the specifications of the closure instructions, contact your Action salesperson for pricing and availability.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: If you transfer any hazardous material packaging to another person or entity, you are required to provide these closure instructions prior to shipment. (49 CFR § 178.2(c)).