The Action Trucking Company Transfer Station located at 3010 Burns Avenue, in Wantagh NY is open to accept waste from third party haulers.  This facility is currently accepting the following wastes in drums, totes, and cubic yard boxes:

  • Nonhazardous solids.

This waste stream includes dirt, debris, latex paint cans, fiberglass/paper paint filters, rags, spackling compounds and coatings, inks solids and sludge, latex paint sludge, spent carbon filter media, tank bottom sludge/solids, herbicides/fertilizers, paint chips, filter aids such as diatomaceous earth, ion exchange resins and lubricating grease, sandblast abrasive/residue, and drill cuttings.

  • Oily debris and spill cleanup waste.

This includes but not limited to spill cleanup waste of known virgin petroleum products, such as filters/absorbents - pads and booms; kitty litter and other clay-based absorbent materials; organic, granular absorbents; floor sweepings; oil contaminated debris; crushed oil filters or grit from floor drain troughs and grease traps.

  • Nonhazardous contaminated soil.

This waste stream includes petroleum contaminated soil and general nonhazardous contaminated soil, typically generated from remedial and general construction activities.

  • Nonhazardous liquid waste.

This waste stream includes detergents with water, antifreeze, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, latex paint with water, neutral cleaners with water, brine water, coolants and drilling fluids.

  • Waste fuel oil generated during tank closure projects.

This waste stream includes waste oil (e.g., diesel fuel, No. 2, No.4, No. 6 fuel oil) generated from fuel oil tank closure projects, such as tank bottoms and sludges.

  • Used oil from industrial, commercial, institutional and utility sources.

This waste stream includes all material meeting the definition of used oil.

  • Waste oil from industrial, commercial, institutional and utility sources.

This waste stream includes all material meeting the definition of waste oil that is not generated during the closure of storage tanks, and does not meet the definition of used oil.

  • Hazardous Waste.

D, F, K, P, and U listed wastes through our 10 day trailer.

  • Universal Wastes

Bulbs, ballasts, E-waste, etc. 


In order to bring wastes to Action, a valid part 364 Permit listing Action’s facility is required.  When adding Action to your permit, please use the following language:

  • Destination Facility: Action Trucking Company
  • Location: Wantagh, NY
  • Waste Type: Non hazardous industrial/commercial        
                        Hazardous industrial/commercial                
                        Waste Oil

Waste acceptance is profile driven. Certain waste streams require additional testing prior to acceptance.  We are happy to assist with completion of the profile and coordination of testing during normal business hours.  

Action Hazmat Trucking is always available to act as transporter for your wastes