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Established in 1988, Action Hazmat Companies specializes in contaminated soil disposal.

We operate across Long Island, including Queens, Suffolk County and Nassau County!

Contaminated Soil 101

Any substance in the soil that exceeds naturally-occurring levels and poses human health risks is a soil contaminant. Common contaminants include pesticides, petroleum products, asbestos, lead, copper arsenate and creosote.

The biggest risks for soil contamination are in urban areas and former industrial sites. Contact us if you’re looking to excavate contaminated soil from a site for disposal in a landfill. The process will depend on:

  • The size of the contaminated area
  • Contaminant concentrations
  • Buildings and site activities in the area
  • Location of the disposal facility

Excavated soil that will be disposed of in a landfill is placed directly on a dump truck for transport


 Contaminated Soil Disposal Long Island Suffolk County  Nassau County
 Contaminated Soil Disposal Long Island Suffolk County  Nassau County

Hauling Considerations

Handling contaminated soil requires precautions to ensure safety. At Action Hazmat Companies, our site workers are fully trained to follow safety procedures while excavating and disposing of contaminated soil to prevent the spread of contamination offsite.

We have the expertise and resources to offer our services across many industries, including:

  • Civil construction
  • Earth moving
  • Fuel depots and service stations
  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • And chemical plants

Trust our team to make sure you are compliant with all federal and state regulations! We also specialize in non-hazardous waste transportation and disposal.

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