Action Trucking Co., Inc. DBA Action Hazmat Trucking (“Action”) is a New York Corporation in the business of collection, transportation, storage, treatment and disposal of hazardous, nonhazardous, and universal wastes.  Action has been engaged in the waste transportation business for over 30 years, and has assisted governmental entities, large and small institutions, businesses, and private citizens in the proper, safe, and economical disposal of wastes. 

 Action possesses the professionalism, technical expertise, experience, licenses, and permits required to competently assist with your waste processing and disposal needs.

In addition to its transportation and disposal activities, Action operates a Part 360 Used Oil and Nonhazardous Transfer Station at its headquarters, located in Wantagh, NY.  Through the operation of this facility, Action has developed expertise in the intake, handling, packaging, and coordination of multiple waste streams. Action’s professional staff possess extensive experience performing lab pack work for clientele large and small.  These unique work experiences have primed Action to work closely with clients to ensure that all wastes are properly containerized, labeled, and disposed.  Call ActionHazmat Trucking for assistance with: 

  • Transfer Station Services 
  • Transportation and Disposal Services 
  • Lab Pack Services 

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